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In addition to on-site training at each of our client locations we choose to send our officers to a 3rd party training academy for additional training above and beyond the states minimum requirements for security officers in Texas

Not only do our officers get the state mandated Level II classroom training but we also encourage them to get 45 hours of additional Level III training which covers many aspects of the security profession and laws relating to security officers. Sunset Management Lake Patrol reimburses it's employees 100% for ALL additional training! Currently 90% of our officers have a minimum of Level III training. Our marine patrol officers receive in-house training as well as Coast Guard Auxiliary or Texas Parks & Wildlife taught classes.

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Texas DPS RSD# C06251901

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Close patrol service consisting of nightly inspections of client's vessel and storage space. Abnormalities will be reported immediately to the client. A digital photograph will be submitted along with a detailed report once a week via email to the client.
You will be invoiced $59 monthly for this service, cancel at anytime. Complete and submit the application below. You will recieve your first invoice by US mail shortly after service begins.

By entering the same name as Tenant Name below you are accepting the provided services according to the terms stated.

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