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Sunset Management Lake Patrol Investigation, Security & Consultation Firm - Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas & Ft. Worth - Call (888) 874-6511 and Like us on Facebook!

In today's volatile world, security and protection of your personal, professional, and business assets is more vital than ever.

This is why Sunset Management Lake Patrol offers a complete range of risk management and security solutions, all custom tailored to meet your unique requirements.

As a company built on a reputation for innovation, we have implemented a number of operational and technological enhancements to maximize the effectiveness of our officers in the field including MARINE PATROL for our water front customers.

  • Our detailed database documents information on security incidents, trespass warnings, and crime related intelligence

  • Next-day automatic reporting to clients of all pertinent activity

  • Extensive technological support for field operations, including laptop computers, video and digital camera equipment, night vision, etc.

  • 24-hour operations and dispatch center to expedite response to emergency calls, coordinate field operations, and process activity reports

    "Sunset Management Lake Patrol was founded by Shane Allaire in 2000 as Sunset Security Solutions. There was a clear need for professional private security to handle marina related issues. Over the years Sunset has expanded to protect marinas and waterfront properties across 6 of Texas' largest lakes. Every client that we have picked up along the way has remained a client. As of 2018 we maintain a 100% customer retention rate which is unheard of in this industry. In 2013 former Sunset employee Jacob Myers was brought on to head up the Dallas / Ft.Worth region. He is now the General Manager and Co-Owner. Shane Allaire's son, Shaun Allaire was also brought on to head up Lake Travis operations in Austin. Team Sunset is more than a group of employees but rather a family and a lifestyle. Each of our employees are carefully chosen to represent us in a way that mirrors our founders original idea and philosophy. Each employee brings to the table their own unique experiences and education that set them apart from your typical guard. Today Sunset Management Lake Patrol is a complete Investigation, Security and Consulting Firm that continues to be the leader in Marina Security!"

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    TX DPS RSD# C06251901

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